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Ideas for Optimizing Your Home for Working and Unwinding

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When your home is a remote workspace, the balance between labor and recreation can blur to a point where neither activity feels fulfilling. Make a few of these practical updates to fit your dwelling for having fun and getting your work done.

Increase Productivity With a Smart Assistant

Smart assistant software can save you time and energy throughout the house by giving you voice access to automated home features, scheduling, and communications throughout your property. Find which program works best with your operating systems and install or enable the corresponding app on your mobile devices. Place speakers in convenient locations where you need only to call out to your assistant to handle a task or find information.

You can ask the tool to:

  • place calls or send direct messages
  • adjust smart appliances
  • schedule alarms, tasks, and reminders
  • report on the news
  • play music

Retreat Into Tranquility With a Backyard Renovation

Upgrades to your landscape motivate you to spend more time outside, where you can enjoy the refreshing qualities of nature and the fresh air. An attractive fence provides you privacy and protection from wandering critters. Lights, art pieces, and creeping plants add to the barrier’s appeal.

Well-manicured plants and bushes, a welcoming walkway, and comfortable seating turn a plain lawn into an inviting getaway. If the terrain is uneven, consider landscape grading to create a level surface. Grading is typically not a do-it-yourself project. Search for local grading services to handle the job by checking online reviews and requesting quotes. Stay alert for competitive deals and credits if cost is a concern. Keep in mind that leveling saves you in the long run as it prevents water pooling and makes a stable space for recreation, lessening the odds of an accident.

Use Backup Devices to Save Time

Natural events and human error can result in outages, costing you valuable time. Purchase an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep essential devices running during blips on the power grid. A backup battery with a solar panel can serve as a mini generator to keep your computer and modem operating for hours while power is out. Check your cellular provider for mobile WiFi solutions in the event your internet provider goes down.

Improve Your Mood With Indoor Plants

Researchers find a correlation between indoor plants and positive emotions. Caring for plants reminds the owners to attend to self-care, and study participants reported reduced anxiety, improved memory, and increased productivity. Artificial plants and photos also demonstrated positive results. Head to your local nursery and add some greenery to your place.

If you do add plants to your home, be sure to support their growth with a well-reviewed home humidifier and other home products. There are many potential options to choose between, so check out unbiased reviews first to see what your best choices are. You may also find other useful products to help you feel your best at home.

Mind Your Indoor Environment

If your home or home office features a window air conditioner unit, you want to make sure it stays functioning optimally during the warmer months. To avoid a potentially more expensive replacement, search online for local portable air conditioner repair contractors. They can come out to service a unit that isn’t performing well. This will help ensure that your home environment remains comfortable and relaxing.

Maintain Focus With Better Lighting

Pendant lighting can improve your home’s brightness by lowering lights to a more practical height from high ceilings. Pendant lights are popular in kitchens and dining rooms because they focus the light in a small area while adding a stylish accent to the decor. Lighting needs and designs vary, so determine your requirements and examine the styles, shapes, finishes, and materials to find the right product.

Refresh Your Soul With Signature Scents

Fresh scents can refresh you and help you concentrate. Choose appropriate aromas for each area of the house. Lavender can calm while peppermint invigorates. Grapefruit and other citrus scents may even help you feel younger!

Your abode can serve you equally as an efficient workstation and retreat for relaxation. Use these tips to make your home optimized for work and rest. And should you need to sell your New Jersey home fast, contact Callinan Properties to sell it “as is” today!

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