Help with foreclosure

CallinanProperties is dedicated to helping people like you out of difficult financial situations.

  • -NO Equity?
  • -Death?
  • -House going to auction?
  • -Relocation?
  • -Behind on payments?
  • -Expired Listing?
  • -Foreclosure?
  • -Needs repairs?
  • -Ready to walk away?
  • -Any possible situation

My name is John and I own and operate CallinanProperties. My team of highly trained professionals foreclosure specialist and I specialize in turning difficult financial situations into happy endings.

At this time it is important to realize that you or someone you know do not have to be alone in this situation. We understand that you and your family may be going through trying time. We can help. We are on your side and your best interest is our primary concern. Call us before the sheriff knocks on your door.

Ways we can help

  • Loan Modifications.
  • We can purchase home, put money in your pocket.
  • We can purchase Home and rent back to you.
  • Help stop the sheriff  sale of your house.
  • Restore your credit. -<click here>

Call us today for a free consultation, which we will analyze the details of your situation and outline the options available to you. If we cant help you we will buy your house and put money in your pocket.

The only thing we ask in return is a thank-you letter once your situation is resolved.

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