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About Us

Callinan Credit Reversal is an independent contractor of EMG.  Our goal is to help consumers regain financial freedom by re-establishing their credit to reputable standing.

Equity Marketing Group (EMG) was founded in 2009 with a singular focus: Help Americans regain full control over their credit identities.   EMG is an affiliate of National Credit Education Services (NCES) is one of a selected few credit restoration companies certified by the IRS as a 501-3c non-profit organization.

Together we provide access to the education support people need to maintain their good credit over the long term.


About Our Program

We Don’t REPAIR credit, we REVERSE it!

We work to get the negative entries on your credit report reclassified as “Paid as agreed”. NOT deleted from your history.  We turn your “LATE” payments into “ On Time” payments, by working directly with the credit agencies, not with automated software

Credit repair

We revere your bad items, increasing your credit score quickly.

Credit REVERSAL Includes:

Three Rounds of Credit Reversal to help:

  • Correct Errors
  • Challenge Inaccuracies
  • Reverse Negative Accounts to “Paid As Agreed”

You will see results in 30-45 days

WE, will NOT DELETE your credit information, this can leave you without ANY credit history!

As you begin the process we will provide you with education to guide you, and help you maintain your new HIGH credit score!

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